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Release Date: August 8, 2008
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Title: Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Shoot Dates: July 9, 2007 (in Mexico).
Voices Dates: Mid June, 2007.

STORY: When a pampered, spoiled Beverly Hills lapdog is stranded in Mexico. She has to work her way back home, and in the process she discovers both self-reliance and her lost Chihuahuan heritage.


Rachel: 24, a hip, natural beauty with an engaging manner. Rachel is regarded as the screw-up of her wealthy family - she's got no stick-to-it-iveness, and she's been bounced from one job after another. Doted on by her successful Aunt Viv, Rachel is given the task of dogsitting Viv's beloved but hopelessly spoiled Chihuahua, Chloe, and gets the run of Viv's Beverly Hills mansion while she's out of town. When Rachel opts to take Chloe with her on a trip to Rosarito Beach, she soon regrets her irresponsibly hasty decision to attend a weekend party in Mexico - for Chloe is soon lost, kidnapped by dogfight promoters, and Rachel, for once in her life, stands her ground and won't give up on the search for the missing dog. Lead.

Sam Cortez: 28, a ruggedly attractive Latino in work clothes. Sam is the gardener on Aunt Viv's estate, and he has great respect for his employer - but he regards Rachel as a stuck-up Beverly Hills gringa. A determined, hard-working guy who is always accompanied by his dog, Papi, Sam is deeply suspicious when the mansion is empty over the weekend, and he soon learns that Rachel is in Mexico, searching for Chloe. Intent on helping both Rachel and the missing dog, and unwilling to have Aunt Viv suffer the loss of her beloved Chloe, Sam joins Rachel in searching for the lost chihuahua, and soon changes his opinion of Rachel, deciding that she has finally found her "true grit" in refusing to abandon the search. Lead.

Aunt Viv: 60s, wealthy, striking and vivacious. Aunt Viv is "Raquel Welch meets Auntie Mame," a successful manufacturer of skin care products, who lives in a mansion in Beverly Hills. The proud owner of Chloe, a hopelessly pampered Chihuahua, Aunt Viv dotes on the little creature, and entrusts Chloe to her beloved niece Rachel for the week she spends in Europe. When she returns, Aunt Viv has no idea that her precious Chloe has spent a week adventuring in Mexico, and is pleasantly surprised to see that the famously uninterested Rachel has shown a scrap of determination for once in her life. Lead.

Officer Ramirez: 45. He's a stone-faced Mexican police officer, who has better things to do than go searching for a missing dog. Initially unimpressed when Rachel pleads with him to help her find Chloe, Ramirez has a long list of more serious crimes to investigate than dognapping. But after learning that Chloe has a valuable diamond collar, Ramirez puts the pedal to the metal, and becomes one of Rachel's best allies in her search for the missing dog; Rafferty: 30s, a steely American "businessman". Rafferty is the gangster in charge of organizing the Mexican dogfights, and has skillfully evaded the law of two countries for some time. After realizing that Chloe is wearing an expensive diamond necklace, he orders his henchmen, Vasquez and Hector, to drop everything and hunt for the missing Chihuahua and uses his best dog to help in the hunt for her. He winds up under arrest at last.

Vasquez: 20s, lanky and sinister. This Mexican man is Rafferty's chief henchman, in charge of kidnapping stray dogs off the streets and using them in dogfights. A cold-blooded exploiter of abandoned animals, in cahoots with Hector, he steals Chloe off the streets of Rosarito Beach and transports her to Mexico City. Later, after Chloe escapes, he's ordered by Rafferty to hunt her down; Hector: 20s, stocky and hardened. Hector is Vasquez's taciturn partner in crime. He drives the van that Vasquez uses to transport the kidnapped dogs. A cold-hearted exploiter of animals, he too works for Rafferty in prepping the dogs for their arena matches, and is captured after Rafferty orders him to go in search of Chloe and her precious diamond bracelet.

Angela: Mid 20s. Angela is a close friend of Rachel's, who cajoles her to come to a partying weekend in Mexico. She thinks Chloe is adorable, and hopes to fix Angela up with Josh. But the weekend turns into a disaster for Rachel when Chloe is dog-napped, and Angela returns to Beverly Hills to house-sit in Rachel's behalf. She tells Sam Cortez all about Chloe's disappearance; Blair: Mid 20s. Another friend of Rachel's. She too talks Rachel into a long weekend of dancing and partying in Rosarito Beach, and is unimpressed with Rachel's wavering commitment to dog-sit Chloe.

Josh: 28, blond. This good-looking mortgage broker romances Rachel during a long weekend in Mexico, and flirts with her when she should be watching Chloe

Kevin: 30. Blair's boyfriend. He's involved in a hotel development in Rosarito Beach, and woos Blair during a long weekend of dancing and partying

Shelter Director: 40s. A motherly woman. She's the director of an animal shelter in Baja, and is geninely helpful to Rachel during her fruitless quest for the missing Chloe.

Ranger #1 & #2: Two rangers at Basaseachi National Park, they spot Chloe and Delgado, and quickly alert Rachel and Sam that the lost dog has been found. They assist Officer Ramirez in arresting the three dognappers; Celebrity: This female celebrity (with a lap dog) greets Aunt Viv outside The Ivy with air kisses.

Supervisor: Rachel's supervisor at a Century City insurance company, he/she explains the issues of character that have forced the company to give Rachel the boot

Waiter 2: A waiter at the Four Seasons Hotel, he brings Chloe a selection of lunch items for canines only; Ring Announcer: He's the ring announcer at the Mexican dogfights

Hotel Clerk: He/She is a clerk at a cheap little hotel in Rosarito Beach; Doorman: The uniformed doorman at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City. He welcomes a well-dressed couple to the hotel; Concierge: The concierge at the Four Seasons Hotel in Mexico City. He's appalled by Chloe's bedraggled look; Chic Owner: She is the chic owner of a Maltese, who is horrified by her dog's accidental brush with the grungy-looking Chloe; Desk Sergeant: He's the desk sergeant at the Tijuana police station; Museum Guide: He/She is a museum guide at the Natural History Museum at Chapultepec Castle; Conductor: He's the conductor of a train in Mexico; Store Owner: The owner of a grocery store in Puerto Vallarta. He/she talks with Rachel about the rat infestation in the store, and she talks the Store Owner into adopting one of her strays.


Chloe: An adorable cream Chihuahua. Chloe is the lap dog of a rich Beverly Hills skincare manufacturer, and she's utterly, hopelessly spoiled, used to regular massages and mani-pedis, used to special doggie entrees at the Four Seasons. But when she's taken to Mexico by her dogsitter and escapes from the hotel room, Chloe gets a smackdown: she's dognapped by illegal dogfight entrepreneurs, and escapes only to have a long trip home. Forced to grow up in a hurry, forced to lose her pamperings and prejudices, Chloe also connects deeply with her Hispanic roots for the first time in her sissified life, and comes out of her ordeal a braver, wiser, tougher dog. Lead; Delgado: A large German Shepherd with a battle-worn face. Delgado is a former police dog who lost his purpose in life when he lost his sense of smell. Captured by the dog-nappers, Delgado has a longstanding grudge against The Dogfather, Rafferty's top dog. When he sees Chloe among the fight dogs, the gruff, almost surly Delgado rescues her - and his training demands that he both protect and serve the innocent against the evil. A weary Delgado becomes her personal bodyguard as she struggles to make her way back home. Lead.

Papi: A tough-looking tan-colored male Chihuahua. Papi is Sam Cortez's constant companion and he has a powerful yen for the upscale Chloe. Aware that he's from the wrong side of the tracks, Papi can't make a good impression on the haughty Chloe. When she disappears from her Beverly Hills mansion, Papi is frantic with worry, and when Sam crosses the border to help Rachel look for the missing dog, Papi is giddy with the idea of coming to the rescue of his lady fair. Lead.

The Dogfather: A huge, snarling Doberman. He is the top dog in Rafferty's stable of fighting dogs, a dog with pointy ears like devil-horns and a sharp set of fangs. Ruthless in battle, he's the mortal enemy of Delgado, and when Chloe barely escapes his snapping jaws, The Dogfather uses his skills as a tracker to help Rafferty hunt her down.

Manuel: A fast-talking pack rat. Manuel is a con artist who works in partnership with Chico, an iguana. a slippery trickster who tries to work every angle, Manuel offers to help a stranded Chloe - in exchange for her diamond collar. A rat who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing, Manuel stays on Chloe's path, but soon realizes he has too many pangs of guilt to be a true grifter.

Chico: An iguana. Chico is Manuel's partner; he pretends to be eating Manuel, so that passersby will perceive Manuel as a victim, not as a predator in disguise. Chico tends to let Manuel do the talking, but after they make off with Chloe's diamond necklace, Chico serves as Manuel's conscience, pointing out the invisible pangs of guilt from which they both suffer.

Monte: The leader of a tough, mean pack of wild Chihuahuas, named Montezuma. Monte is the King of the breed, and he helps protect Chloe and and Delgado from the mountain lions in the desert. Quick to see that Chloe has lost touch with her Chihuahuan heritage, Monte takes her on a tour of her noble past, and helps her realize that her life as a Beverly Hills lapdog has taken away as much as it has given; Liberace: An effete toy poodle. He's another Beverly Hills lapdog who is a member of Chloe's pampered, insular circle of spoiled pooches.

Delta: A proper, Queen-like pug. She is another Beverly Hills lapdog who is a member of Chloe's pampered, insular circle of spoiled pooches.

Biminy: A long-haired Pekingese with a nervous whine. He/she is another Beverly Hills lapdog who is a member of Chloe's pampered, insular circle of spoiled pooches; Mutt #1, #2 & #3: These three mutts are captives of the dog-nappers, and live in the cages underneath the fighting ring. They explain to a terrified Chloe the extent of her ill fortune, and all scatter for freedom when Delgado sets them loose.

Tomas: A German Shepherd. Tomas is a working police dog, and he's Delgado's best friend. After learning that Delgado is working a "personal security gig," Tomas reluctantly agrees to assist Delgado in helping Chloe return to safety in El Norte.

Coyote 1: This coyote helps Chloe and other runaway dogs head north to the border; Mother Dog: This mother dog with a young puppy is one of the dogs fleeing north on a train to the border. Old Dog: An old dog. He too is heading north to the border on the train, along with Chloe and Delgado; Young Puppy: A young puppy named Pedro. He too is heading north to the border, on a train with his mother; Old Female Chihuahua: This old female Chihuahua is a member of Monte's pack of dogs. She is protective of the puppies in the pack; Cat: This wet Persian cat is at the day spa, and dares Chloe to bark at her; Cameo Lap Dog: This lap dog belongs to a celebrity, and greets Chloe with air kisses; Dog 5: This mangy dog is one of the mutts selected by Vasquez to die in combat; Maltese: A Maltese at the Four Seasons Hotel, this lap dog shrieks in horror after touching the now-scruffy Chloe; Horse 1: This horse in Chapultepec Park orders Chloe to look alive; Gang Leader: He's the leader of a gang of stray dogs in Chapultepec Park, who challenges Chloe and soon backs off; Gang Dog 1: This gang dog tauntingly dares Chloe to bark at him; Fight Dog #1, #2 & #3: Three new fight dogs in the basement, agressively posturing, they are questioned by Papi, who is searching for the missing Chloe; Stray #1 & #2: These two stray dogs are adopted by a guilty Rachel, and ultimately both find homes; Pup #1, #2 & #3: These three Chihuahua puppies are members of Monte's pack, and they question Delgado about his German Shepherd ancestry until he grows irritated; Male Chihuahua #1 & #2: Two male Chihuahuas, both members of Monte's pack, they paw the ground in a mock staredown.

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